Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Icons of America

Image 1: President Obama

President Obama is a recognizable icon of America from all over the world. I believe he affirms the association between America and liberty as he represents African Americans and how they are no longer treated as slaves but instead can now be viewed as leaders. Obama has also fought for American liberty promoting his support of equality for women and same sex marriages.

Image 2: The American Dollar Bill

This bill is iconic to America as it has been used as currency since 1786. The American Dollar questions and negates liberty of religion through the phrase printed on the back which says "IN GOD WE TRUST". This phrase suggests that to be American you have to believe in God. Some people living in the United States are discriminated against today because they are atheist or follow another religion and as a result of this they may not have the same opportunities as a Christian American would have when it comes down to military, health care and education.



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