Monday, 17 November 2014

Pro and Anti gun control websites

Anti-gun control (

This website is aimed towards LGBT people and it provides information on why someone from a sexual minority should have a gun, as well as information on where in the USA they have chapters of their group. This website states; “The more people know that members of our community may be armed, the less likely they will be to single us out for attack. Join us today. It is your RIGHT.” This shows that the main reason for the creation of this website is to promote the idea that if LGBT individuals are carrying guns then those that wish to harm them will be less likely to target them. It also suggests that if some LGBT individuals are carrying a concealed weapon those that wish to hurt them won’t know which individuals are carrying and which are not so they will be less likely to attack anyone just in case.

One of the main focuses of this website is to provide a place where people who want to arm themselves can go to find out about Pink Pistol groups in their area where they can learn about gun safety, how to get a gun, gun laws in their state, and how to shoot.

This group isn’t heavily involved with any specific political party, but they do promote certain candidates if they feel they promote LGBT rights and their rights to own weapons. They are also not associated with the NRA, and are classed as an activists association.

This website states how it is wrong that you can take so long to be checked to see if you can own a gun to then be denied the right to. Thus, suggesting they are anti-gun control to some extent.

Pro- gun control ( :

This website aim is to change people’s perspective of guns and provide people with the right information on the risks of having a gun in the home, as well as this it also aims to influence and change gun laws to increase the background checks needed for someone to purchase and own a gun. They also aim to hold the gun industry accountable for gun injuries and deaths, such as changing companies so that they have better rules in place so they do not sell guns to dangerous people. I personally feel that this is a better approach than the previous website, which wanted to reduce the background checks so potentially more dangerous people could own guns.

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