Thursday, 9 October 2014



Best known for its hot weather and vast desert, Arizona is a highly visited state with a population of 6.627 million people. 

Arizona is the hottest state in America with temperatures reaching a high of 41C in the summer months. This heat could be the reason why 211,816 move away from Arizona as the heat makes living conditions difficult. Arizona has around 222,877 people move to the state, one reason for this may be because it has a good reputation for being clean and well maintained. 

Arizona receives many tourists due to people wanting to visit the Grand Canyon and the desert. This has made a large economic impact on Arizona with it making around $19 billion a year from tourists and creating 161,300 jobs. 

Arizona has a $6.3 billion agricultural industry with 7,500 farms and ranches. Cotton is grown here as well as fruits, vegetables and meats. Due to the hot weather in winter, Arizona ranks highly in crops grown throughout the year making it a stable economic state. 

Arizona is mainly inhibited by white persons with a percentage of 84%. The other 16% includes African Americans, Native Americans, Asians, Hawaiian and other races. 


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