Sunday, 5 October 2014

Space and place

This is a map showing the largest ancestry groups in North America. I found this interesting because it shows where immigrants to America settled and the number of different Americans with ancestors from each country.

49,206,934 Germans
The majority of German-Americans now live in the centre of America, in places such as Arizona.The first significant groups of German immigrants to arrive in the United States in the 1960s settled in New York and Pennsylvania. They immigrated due to unemployment and political unrest in Germany and the majority of German-Americans now live in the centre of America.

41,284,752 Black or African Americans
This refers to citizens of the United States who have ancestry in Sub-Saharan Africa. Most African Americans are descended from slaves from west and central Africa. The majority live in the south, as this is where slaves were brought in to work on the cotton plantations, there are also African American communities in Chicago, Illinois and Detroit, Michigan.  

35,523,082 Irish
During the time of famine in Ireland in the 1840s there was mass immigration from Ireland to America. Around 4.5 million Irish are estimated to have moved to America between 1840 and 1920. The majority of Irish descendants are located in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and San Francisco.  

31,789,483 Mexican
American’s with Mexican ancestry are most common on the south western border in places such as Los Angeles, Houston, Phoenix, San Diego, Dallas and San Antonio.

26,923,091 English
Those that identify as English- American are mostly found in the Northeast of America in New England and Utah, with the number that identify as English – American having decreased since 1980 as many more people are just identifying as American.

19,911,467 Americans
A large proportion of those claiming to have original American ancestors are stating this because they are unsure of their ancestry.

17,558,598 Italian
Between 1880 and 1920 over 4 million Italians immigrated to America, and there was another wave of immigrants from Italy following world war two.

9,739,653 Polish
The Polish were one of the earliest groups from Eastern Europe to immigrate to America. Between the mid-19th century and world war one around 2.5 million Polish immigrated to America and settled in the largest industrial cities, such as New York, Buffalo, Cleveland, Milwaukee and Chicago.

9,136,092 French
The French, along with the English, were some of the first people to have colonised North America. The most French populated areas are in the North East in border areas alongside Quebec and in the south around New Orleans and Louisiana.


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