Monday, 6 October 2014

Space and Place

This map shows us that there is heavy percentages of people aged 65 and over speaking English "Less than very well" in metropolises such as Chicago, New York and Los Angeles due to high immigrant populations in those areas. Immigration in these areas has been going on for a long time especially early to mid 20th century which contributes to this age of 65 and over.

More over there are extremely high percentages in New Mexico, Arizona and Texas, the 'Amexica' states as there are high levels of migrant workers coming from Mexico and South America to these states. Florida also receives many Cuban refugees which pushes rates up, particularly in Miami and Orlando.

Alaska also has a high percentage but this is mainly due to the Alaska Natives and Native Americans as the older generations do not speak English as fluently as the younger generations do. There is also a small percentage of Spanish migrants there that constitute to the high percentage.


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