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Kansas State (KS) is right in the heart of the United States as well as being sat in the heart of the Great Plains, specifically in the mid-grass prairie.  The (2,893,957) inhabitants of  Kansas live within the middle of Tornado Alley, almost the entire state is classified as being in Tornado which is more than any other state. This means that the entirety of the inhabitants within the state of Kansas have to prepare every year for the hurricane season, for example building, fixing or restocking storm shelters.

Kansas seems to be 'typified' by it's large agricultural industry, it is even part of the state flag which contains the state seal depicting an idyllic scene of farming the land;

The main agriculture that takes place is wheat and other grains.

Kansas has a climate which if you situate yourself properly allows you to farm all year round (near enough) as it sits in three different climate classifications; it has humid continental semi-arid steppe and humid subtropical. Though having these three climate classifications can be beneficial to the state it is also the cause of the severe storms and hurricanes. "Despite the frequent sunshine throughout much of the state"..." the state is vulnerable to strong and severe thunderstorms. Some of these storms become supercell thunderstorms; these can spawn tornadoes, occasionally of EF3 strength or higher." 

Since 2010 the state of Kansas has seen a net loss of people at just under 66,000, there are many reasons speculated as to why there has been this net loss of population. It is thought to be that a lot of the younger generations aren't  happy with the rural, farming lifestyle and move to the more urban areas and cities, though there is still migration into the state which is typically of older generations wanting the more relaxed and quiet life for retirement. This state give the older generations who have been stuck in the urban or sub-urban areas most their lives an opportunity to be with nature. 

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