Sunday, 5 October 2014

Space and Place

This map shows the pay inequality in America by highlighting how much less women earn as a percentage to men in each state. This map uses information taken from a 2012 census which found that Wyoming had the biggest pay gap of 56.6% between male and female incomes. Some people believe this is because men are more involved in the mining and construction jobs available in Wyoming which pay well. Washington DC has the smallest gap of 11.0% which is still a large difference. 

With women earning an average 77% of men's wages, it is clear to see that the Equal Pay Act of 1963 did not stop employers from paying workers different salaries based on their gender. A new act called the Paycheck Fairness Act is currently being discussed and many people believe that if introduced, it would improve these statistics as employers would have limited factors such as education, training or experience which would allow them to differ someone's income.


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