Thursday, 9 October 2014


Things that typify Maine are its indcredible natural scenery and parks, lighthouses, sea foods such as lobster, and the fact that the state neither gets too hot or too cold making it ideal for people to vacate to.

With a population of 1,328,361 Maine is home to some Native American tribes - the Micmacs, the Penobscots, the Maliseets, the Passamaquoddies - about 1 percent of the population. Those who were born in Maine are about 95 percent Caucasian. However, a steady influx of people and vacationers is slowly but surely changing the ethnic diversity of Maine. The 2010 census shows that the domestic immigration is 33,818 but those moving out of Maine was roughly similar, 33,729.

Maine's generally poor soil, short growing season, and remoteness from industrial and commercial centers have gone against development and population growth. Lumbering, shipbuilding, and textile production have all peaked in the past, but changes in technology and competition from other states have always undercut the state's economic position. About 60% of Maine's agricultural revenues are derived from livestock and livestock production; 40% from crops. In terms of revenue generated, Maine's top five agricultural products are dairy products, potatoes, chicken eggs, greenhouse and nursery products, and aquaculture products. Overall the states economy is slowly but steadily increAsing again.


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